A large number of deaths are caused by road accidents…

A large number of deaths are caused by road accidents…

A large number of deaths are caused by road accidents.

Road accidents are responsible for the deaths of an ever increasing number of people.this problem is occur due to less awareness , corruption and low maintenance of roads. There are many reasons behind this problem.

Firstly many accidents are caused by inadequate vehicle maintenance. In low maintenance vehicle there is defective brakes or bald tyres which increases the stopping time. Some time brakes get fail and because of bald tyres sometimes vehicles are slipped.

Secondly , roads condition also contribute to accidents . Due to hazard road sometime the balance of vehicle get unbalanced and accident happen .

The third cause of accidents is driver carelessness. Most of drivers use to drive in excessive speed and do overtake the other vehicles in excessive speed because they want to consume time . Most of accidents occur due to the unwareness of traffic rules. Thee curruption is also a big problem. Now a day at small age the children get luxury bikes or cars without lisence and they try to do harsh driving.

The over all conclusion is that we should have to do regular service of our vehicle. Government have to the t strict acction on this problem . Government have to organise camps to aware the people about the traffic rules and safety rules . Do not give the bikes and cars to the teen agers below 18 without lisence.

How to improve writing skills for ielts…

• always relate the things with each other

•  Never write in against about anyone

•what ever you write think about that

•Increase imagination level

• Always use sharp pencils so that writing should neat and clean

•Read the books about and newspaper through which your thinking level will increaseing.

In ielts exam you have to focus, sometimes candidates afraid from the exam and that afraidness affects on their exam .


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