Difference between agriculture time and industrial time…

Difference between agriculture time and industrial time…

There were the days when agriculture was the main source of bread and butter of the people.

In old days , only food , clothes, and shelter was the need of the human but now a days there are many needs of the human . In past years most of people do farming for survival and they also get good money for the daily household expenditure but now a days most of people want to do jobs no one is happy in doing farming . Industries are the major reason of declining of farming . There are many merits and demerits of farming and industrilization .

Industrilization play a major role for reduce the unemployment . Due to industrilization the price of the goods also decreses . But due to industries rate of farming is decreasing . The waste of the industries was throw in the rivers due to which the water get polluted , the smoke of the industry polluted the air , some machines are very noisy in the industries , so it also create a noise pollution . Due to these pollution’s caused many deseases . The fertility of the soil also decreases . Global warming also a big cause.

The overall conclusion is that we have to take some strict action on this problem . We have to provide a equal balance between industrilization and farming but this is not a one day process it takes time because miracles will not happened in our real life , we have to pay lots of attention on this problem and we have to do following process.

How to improve writing skills for ielts…

• always relate the things with each other

•  Never write in against about anyone

•what ever you write think about that

•Increase imagination level

• Always use sharp pencils so that writing should neat and clean

•Read the books about and newspaper through which your thinking level will increaseing.

In ielts exam you have to focus, sometimes candidates afraid from the exam and that afraidness affects on their exam .


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