every year several languages die out some people think that is not important…..

every year several languages die out some people think that is not important…..


Now a days mostly people prefer to go abroad for higher studies . every year several languages die out I think it is very benifiial for us . language isnthe best part of our communication , without language it is hard to represent our word. there are many states in our country and that states also have small cities and mostly every city have their own language , then it is hard to learn all the languages  , so it is beneficial for us  if some languages will die out. there are many advantages and causes.

there are many languages in all over the world so it is hard to communicate to everyone. if we want to do business with other country then firstly we have to learn their language either they have to leary our language then we can do proper business otherwise it is very difficult for us . if due to some reason we have to migrate from one place to another then we have to know the language of that place other wise it is difficult for us to survive there.

Now a days nobody remember the historic languages . there are very few people remained who know the language which speak by their grandparents.

the overall conclusion is that now a days mostly people give preference to new languages which is beneficial for them in present or in future. I think it is also a good thing because nobody think about the past everybody think about the present and future . if few languages will left in the future then it is very easy to survive in the world .


1.Read books and magzines and gain the ideas from that books.
2.connect the things with each other.
3.use sharp pencils while writing.
4.davelop the imagination level.

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