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Dalhousie the place of peace

Imagination tour of dalhousie

Dalhousie is one of the peaceful place where we see a ocean of greanery and tourism .

Places in Dalhousie for tourism…

 nearest 70% income of dalhousie is obtained through tourism. Fourners are also loves to spend their vacations in dalhousie .

1st place in Dalhousie is Subhash chownk. The view from the Subhash chownk is awesome.  recently the shooting of the channa mereya movie is shoot in Subhash chownk.

2nd place is khajjiar this place has greatful view. In khajjiar there is a big valley and around that valley there is a lots of Christmas trees and in middle of that valley there is a small lake.

In khajjiar people done lots of activities like they put one person in one transparent giant ball and throw it downward and there are also many activities.

3rd place is panch pulla. I think I love this place very much because in this place there is a my fav water fall and this place is also known as picnic spots in this place there are many activities like boat riding bridge climbing and many more activities.

Hotels and management

In Dalhousie there are lots of hotels and guest houses. I think management of dalhousie is very good because in hotels before taking any room you have to show your I’d proof without I’d proof they do not provide you room.


Most of tourist come in the summer weekends because the weather of dalhousie is very cold even in summer we have to take blankets while sleeping and in winter snow falls. Most probably people do not go dalhousie in winter.

Food and meals

In Dalhousie both type of food is available either veg or non veg. I think most of people prefer non veg food in Dalhousie because in non veg food the small quantity and more proties are available which help us to survive there comfortabley.


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