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These days ,people are not eating healthy food…

Difference b/w healthy food and junk food…

Today is an era of modern era. Nobody want to do exercise. People eat junk food and caused by many deseases . I am not in against of junk food. now a day people want to live peaceful life. There are many cause of eating junk food and not exercising regularly.

Today is an era of technology. In market the advanced computers and mobiles mobiles are available. These gadgets are for our benifit but people use it in wrong way.chidren do not want to play outside they only want to play video games on computers and mobiles . By mistakenly parents also fulfil the greed’s of their children. Now a days parents are too busy in their work so they don’t have time to see in their children’s personal life.

Now a days people eat junk food instant of healthy food .I am not in against of junk food . We have to eat junk food but in limit just like once or twice in a week because junk food is also improves our digestion power.

Now a days day organizations also take a part in maintaining the health of organization. They aware us for maintaining our health . They organise many camps for public.

The overall conclusion is that we should have to do exercise regularly and we have to eat junk food but in limit and we have to eat more vegetables and fruits which is very essential for our growth and maintaining our health.

How to improve writing skills for ielts…

• always relate the things with each other

•  Never write in against about anyone

•what ever you write think about that

•Increase imagination level

• Always use sharp pencils so that writing should neat and clean

•Read the books about and newspaper through which your thinking level will increaseing.


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