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every society is suffering from some social evils…….

Dowry is one of the big evil in our society…..

every society suffers from some social evils. My country is no exception. mostly every society is suffers from the evil of dowery . meaning of dowery is to do deal with the boy parents that before marriage bride parents have to give some useful things to the boy for future life . this evil is also present in old time . this social monster destroy the happiness and lifes of many brides. these are many causes of monster of dowry.

from past year to today mostly people need a male child instead of female child there are many reason behind this thinking. in old times women do not work outside the house only males have the permission to work outside the house . they used the womens as a homemaid. in some areas of people kill the female child because of fear of dowry, but now mostly people are changed and they give equal opportunity to both males as well as females . Government also play a vital role to solve this problem. Government release many schemes for the female child. in some schools they do not take the fees of the single girl child of the parents.

the overall conclusion is that in old days they do not give much preference to the females than the males but now females take part in every fields. now females and males have equal position we have seen that at present girls are getting more respect and ststus in the society but much need to be done.

how to improve the writing skills for ielts….

1.use your imagination .

2.connect the things with eachother.

3.read logical books.

4.use sharp pencils and do neat and clean handwriting.

5.do hard work .

6. when ever you go for ielts exam use your mind of present.



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