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Musically the trending app…

Musically the trending app:


Musically is a chinese social video maker app. The first type was released in April 2014 and official version was launched in august of that year.

Theinitial releasing of this app  in august 2014 3 years ago and its operating system is iOS Android.

TheOriginal author of this app are Alax zhu, luyu yang.

This app available in 29 languages..like english, german, dutch, french, hindi..And musically developers are musical.ly,inc..


Musically is mainly used for video creation. In this app users can create video of 15 seconds to 1minute. And in this users can choose different music tracks to accompny them. Also in this users can use different speed effects like (slow,  fast, epic,  time lapse,  normal) and  add preset filters nd amazing effects.

Specification :

Lots of specifications in this app.users sayings are: this is the  Most entertaining and effective aap from all social networking apps. As of july 2016 musically has over 90 million registered users And average of 11.5 millions videos posted everyday all over the world. And by end of may 201 the app reached over 200 millions users. Musically is licensed from freeware.


The main headquarters of musically is situated in shanghai, chaina nd has offices are in San Francisco, california

Top musers on musically..

  • Lisa and Lena. …
  • Jacob Sartorius. …
  • Baby Ariel. …
  • Loren Gray. …
  • Johnny Orlando. …
  • Kristen Hancher. …
  • Annie LeBlanc. …
  • Savannah Soutas.

Musically is one of the trending app through which people get entertained and learned lots of things.

I think musically is best platform to promote their brands and things.people also use this platform for finding there talent and skills.

Musiacally is best for becoming popular.musically also provide their t-shirts for those who are popular on musically and I think it is not easy as much as we think.

For making best musically we need something’s and we have to follow some steps

1st we need a good light

2nd we the motion of the hand should be comfortable and there are lots of things.






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