Popular consumer goods reflects the power of advertising…..

Today is the days of of advertising. People buy the goods by see advertisement instead of see quality. Now a days bussiness man’s and shopkeepers become very greedy they only think about their own profit they do not think about the needs of the coustomer . Now a days people are brand and quality concious . There are two types of advertisement first is online advertisement and second is offline advertisement. There are many merits and demerits of these advertising.

These advertisements are very beneficial for the businessman or shopkeeper and for customers also . These advertisements are not only use to promoting the products these advertisements are also use to aware the people about any purpose and functions . Now a days shopkeepers become greedy they do advertisements of good quality products but in actual they sold the low quality products at the cost of good quality product.

These advertisements also creates many nuisance problems bussiness mans place their hordings and banners in the cities . Sometimes these banners fall down due to the strong winds . Mostly people give advertisement of their products on the TV’s and also on internet .some of these advertisement are harmful for the children’s.

The overall conclusion is that,  Now a days people gives more preference to the advertisements not on the actual product or things. Some bussiness person’s are very greedy they only think about their own profit not about the satisfaction of customer. Even some shopkeeper sold their low quality things at the cost of good quality things .

In our nation there is a court which is known as consumer court this court is for the coustomers . Now a days government also gives advertisement in the tv which is known as “jago grahak jago” the main purpose of this advertisement is to aware the customer about their rights.

How to improve writing skills for ielts ….

1. Use your imagination.

2. Always connect one thing to other.

3.use sharp pencils.

  1. 4. Don’t do Grammer mistakes.

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