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Technology vs libraries…..

Technology vs old Era and libraries…

Today is the day of technolog. The value of books decresed the books are now being converted into Discs like CD’S, DVD’S and pendrives . Even the availability of books in the form of electronic media on internet. The value of libraries is decreases (old ERA).

In old days people go to libraries for read books and magzines but now every thing is available on the internet . People also used the libraries as an entertainment source. As the old people says books are the best friend of human’s because books are not selfish and never demand any thing from you.

It provide right information to you. Books improves our many skills like our Grasping power and our ability of thinking . If we want to consume any book then we consume it but on internet sometimes it is not possible because our country is a developing country not a developed country.

Today is a day of technology and we have to change according to fashion this change is also help us . In priviopryears shelfs are required to store the books and the more space is consume by these shelfs but now CD’s,DVD’s and pendrives not consume more space . On internet we get all books that we required . Actually in books we read the 10 years old content bt on internet we read updates contents . Reading books is sometime getting bored but if we use the CD’s and DVD’s of books it increases our knowledge without getting bored.

The overall conclusion is that now a days of technology most of the people use CD’s and DVD’s the CD player or computer is required but for reading books we do not require any thing . I am hopeful that the future of libraries if not the brightest, will be bright.

How to improve writing skills….

1. Create imagination about your topic.

2. Connect the thing with each other.

3. Read books and watch logically movies.

4. Don’t do spelling mistakes.



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